Why should I use Quickfem when there are plenty of big FEA software packages available?

Quickfem is the perfect accessory for engineers using finite element packages such as Ansys, Abacus, Nastran/Patran as it provides a tool to sketch out and sanity check concepts in real time.

Quickfem runs on your mobile phone!

That means you can play around with structures to get a feel for the areas of interest.  Often the best ideas arrive when you are away from the PC.  Quickfem is always in your pocket.

Quickfem is easily, the fastest FE software package in the world for setting up and solving a model.  Near instant feedback provides tight iteration loops necessary for rapid discovery.  Engineers need to have a feel for the loads and stresses in a structure and know what is important in trade offs without resorting to full blown CAD/FEA cycles.

Drawing and solving a simplified 2D representation of the actual 3D structure will deliver insight that will astonish your peers.

Are 2D Tri3 constant strain triangular elements limited compared to 4 and 6 node elements?

Constant strain elements are easy to understand, implement and interpret and best of all can represent any complex strain field if there are enough of them!  Quickfem can pack a lot of elements into a small space and convergence can usually be achieved.   See this post for details.

Is my model saved if iOS reclaims app memory and shuts Quickfem down?

Yes. Quickfem automatically saves the currently loaded model as soon as the app is moved into a background state.  Simply open the model from File/Open upon restart.

What about Android?

Currently only iOS is supported, however, an future Android release is planned, but with no firm date as of yet.