Finite Element Analysis

Quickfem: is the perfect "back of the envelope" Finite Elements Analysis App for engineers and students

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  • Draw 2D representations of complex structures in seconds
  • Iterate geometry, constraints, fasteners, loads and materials to gain insight before embarking on expensive full scale FEA
  • Create FE models at speed with seamless meshing and boundary matching
  • Customise your modelling environment with default materials, loads, units, precision, colours and mesh sizes
  • Pass your exams and impress at your next job interview


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Solver Licence7,500 elements
Displacement, stress, strain, principal and equivalent stressY
Plane Stress & Plane StrainY
Thermo MechanicalY
Arcs, fillets, holesY
Free Body LoadsY
Model SavingY
Model SharingY
Unit ConversionsY
Customisable colours, look and feelY


Sketch Finite Element Models in seconds


Solve models fast, iterates fast

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Image Gallery

More examples of Quickfem FEMs can be accessed here

Quickfem Axisymmetric Sphere

Quickfem Axisymmetric Bearing Ring

Quickfem FEA App - Steel and Composites Shear Stress Results


Fasteners freebody loads bolt group analysis